About Us

Our mission is to challenge outdated practices to improve the Branding experience and build businesses that thrive.



At Vivid, we believe in providing the highest degree of professionalism and following our brand's virtues to hit the bull's-eye with every client's business.


We make Verve do the talking - with a bit of Vivid, we can deliver any project with ease and even greater speed through our tailor-made solutions and utmost satisfaction.


At Vivid, we pride ourselves on achieving versatility for our clients, from branding to web development by always striving to go the extra mile to produce results that make the brands stand out.


For a branding and marketing agency like us, every stroke, line and click matters. It all comes together to add value to our clients' brands. At Vivid, we are committed to valuing the brands and individuals .

Our Team

Mansi Agarwalla
Co-founder, Vivid

A perfectionist is what she's called at Vivid. With an eye for detail, she makes sure that Vivid continues to maintain high standards that our clients desire.

A happy-go-lucky soul with an extremely hardworking personality is what makes Mansi so special. You will always find her sipping her booster tea in her free time.

Co-founder, Vivid

"The love of knowledge is a kind of madness"

Ever since he was young he had that urge to know a little more about everything around him, every time a little more curious than the previous time.

With inquisitiveness running in million different directions, his goal remains the same at any moment. To achieve the best possible results for his clientele.

Buddy 1

Vishal Molla

Creative Designer

Meet Vishal, the wizard of Photoshop and Illustrator, a creative maestro who turns your design dreams into reality. With an eye for detail, he crafts masterpieces quickly and efficiently. Off-duty, you'll find him playing Marvel's Spider-Man or exploring new foodie hotspots.

Buddy 2

ArnAV goho

Content Writer

Meet Arnav, our resident content wizard and a true jack-of-all-trades! With a knack for clever quips and lightning-fast writing skills, he's always making us laugh. But when he's not making magic with his words, he's busy cooking up a storm, streaming on YouTube, and impressing us with his people skills. This guy does it all, and he does it with style!

Buddy 3


Social Media Manager

Introducing Sarthak, the marketing and business geek who can research with his eyes closed! As our social media mastermind, he's the captain of the "Good Ship Online Presence," navigating us to social media success. And when he's not curating the perfect post, he's off on culinary adventures, exploring new foodie havens with his trusty fork and spoon!

Buddy 4


Social Media Manager

Get ready to be blown away by Srishti, our incredible junior content creator! With her unstoppable energy and Gen Z perspective, she's like a breath of fresh air in the office.she's always ready to take on any project with her signature quirkiness and unique approach. Her unstoppable creativity is like a firework show that leaves us in awe, and she's the "Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka" that spices up all our project


Our vision is grand, and we are aiming to achieve big. We stand apart from other agencies by not just thinking of what the client wants but what they really need. We believe that with a few unconventional marketing strategies, we can influence the market in eastern India. Our ambitions are high; we wish to be among the most renowned design agencies in eastern India.


It goes without saying that the vitality of any business, no matter how successful and dynamic, depends to a significant degree on the success of its clients. Our mission is not to reinvent the wheel but to make it even more efficient. Our goal here at Vivid is to help brands with their conventional goals and objectives, working as a catalyst by providing a series of professional services and thus increasing both popularity of the brand and drive sales up!

oUR Story

After more than 150+ projects we look back to our humble roots and look how far we've come from where we started. Adversities and setbacks have been plenty, however, we stand strong. Based In Kolkata, Vivid is a multi-disciplinary design studio that offers peace of mind through our solutions and results. We aim to make a name for ourselves in the big world of Branding, Identity and development solutions. Watch out for us we aim to grow bigger and bolder every year.

Careers with Vivid

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer knows how to present concepts that are aligned with your business image and goals. With one foot in the artistic world and another in marketing, the right graphic designer can be a significant value add to your company, brand, and bottom line.

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Motion Graphic Artist

If a designer creates a design, a motion graphic artist will work their magic and put it into motion. Vivid is looking for an innovative motion graphics artist that can breathe life into quality animations and motion graphics. An ability to work with multiple programs and exceptional creativity are what we're looking for. We want to be the best video production company in the area, so stand out from the crowd and make your mark with us!

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Business Development

Hungry for results? We're all ears. If you're as ambitious as you are unstoppable, you might be the spark that helps Vivid soar. Put yourself at the top of our list by sending us a message today.

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Content writer

We want content writers who can sell house to a monk with their writing. And we don’t mean that in a disrespectful way or anything - it’s just the truth, so why sugar coat it? We want creative types that are full of concepts and clever ideas. If you’ve got the chops to succeed, hit us up and we’ll talk more about your chances of becoming part of our team!

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