Drip Email

Drip marketing strategizes keeping in touch

Consumers in every market are constantly bombarded with texts, emails, and advertisements from various companies vying for their attention, so how can your brand stand out and stay top-of-mind? Drip marketing is one method. Drip marketing allows marketers to stay in touch with current and prospective customers by reminding them of available products, services, and special offers. Drip marketing is a type of communication strategy in which pre-written marketing materials are sent to customers or potential leads in a continuous flow, or 'drip,' over time. While these messages can take many forms, email marketing is the most common.

Paper mail and flyers were mailed to recipients on a marketing list or after they made initial contact with the business in the early days of drip marketing. Drip marketing in the form of social media and email marketing, of course, became more popular as marketing adapted to the digital age. The medium used determines how drip marketing works. Email, social media, and direct mail are the three most popular mediums.

Email drip marketing typically begins with a prospect or customer filling out an online form. When the form is submitted, the person is added to an autoresponder program, which will send automated emails from then on. The emails can be personalized by including the contact's name and specifics about the action they took. As an example, "Hello, Rafiqul! Thank you for subscribing to our monthly obesity newsletter."

In today's digital world, the role of social media in drip marketing is becoming increasingly common. Drip marketing involves regularly updating social media accounts with text, photos, or videos related to a specific marketing effort.

Direct mail has long been used in drip marketing campaigns and has seen many advancements in the form of software and digital printing over the years. These developments have made direct mail more automated, personalized, and manageable. The "Law of 29" is a common trend in drip marketing, regardless of the method used. According to this unwritten marketing rule, most prospective customers will not buy something until they have seen it advertised at least 29 times.

Drip marketing is an excellent strategy for keeping current customers informed about your company's products and services. It can also persuade new prospects to purchase from your company.