Stylescape is a tool for creating cohesive brand identity using deliberate design

Hello and welcome to the world of branding! As a full-service branding agency, we employ a number of tools to assist our clients in developing and communicating their brand identity. A stylescape is one of these tools.


A stylescape is a collection of visual elements that work together to create a brand's overall aesthetic. Colours, typography, images, and design elements are all part of it. In a nutshell, a stylescape depicts how a brand would appear and feel if it were applied across all touchpoints. But keep in mind that a stylescape is not the same as a moodboard. Stylescapes are a series of deliberate design decisions that support the client's brief, research, keywords, and goals, whereas moodboards are generally used for inspiration.

A stylescape's purpose is to give our clients an idea of how their brand will look and feel, as well as to gain their approval and collaboration before we begin creating more concrete mockups of the brand identity. We use stylescapes to show our clients different design directions without the expectation of specific collateral or web designs.


The process of creating a stylescape is a collaborative one that begins with research. We learn everything we can about our clients' businesses, target audiences, and goals. This data assists us in aligning the brand messaging with key attributes, taglines, and slogans. We then use this information to design the brand's logo and mark, as well as its overall aesthetic.

However, it is critical to remember that branding does not end with the creation of assets. A company's brand is the essence of who they are, but all brands require marketing to raise awareness and reach customers. With a strong brand identity in place, you can start crafting and communicating a brand promise of a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting experience for your customers.


Finally, stylescapes are an important tool in the branding process. They help us create a cohesive and consistent brand identity by giving our clients a clear idea of what their brand will look and feel like. Consider incorporating a stylescape into your branding process for a successful outcome if you're starting a project.