The Identity Every Brand Needs

Brand identity is the persona for your brand that appeals to the audience for interaction

Brand identity is the prominent aspect of a brand, including colour, design, logo, and messaging, that identifies and imprints the brand in the consumer's mind. Brand identity is essential because the brands we choose reflect our identity.

Branding Identity


Building a positive brand identity requires consistent and positive marketing, which, when implemented with the right messaging, can lead to a focused identity for the brand leading to increased sales revenues. The brand is the "intangible gut feel," whereas brand identity is the visual, tangible element of the brand. When customers see brand identity working cohesively and consistently together, it builds on the positive experience. It urges the customer to return to the brand and recommends it to others.

Branding layout

 Building a brand identity consists of the following key elements:


a) Being Responsive and Consistent: It starts with us following up on customers' responses, making the necessary changes and seeing how the customers respond to them. Based on feedback, the changes are implemented in the brand strategy. By monitoring our audiences, we can see what works and doesn't while constantly engaging with them.

b) Authenticity: Truly authentic brands connect on a deeper level, forming meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the customers. Consumers are more likely to trust and recommend an original brand to others.

c) Creating a Brand Strategy: Brands tend to change, evolve and develop over time. Branding is a daily process of bringing multiple aspects of the business and voice together and readjusting them to what the customer wants.

d) Brand Story: The brand story is essentially telling people about what the Company stands for and getting them to stand behind the ideals of the business.

e) Brand Essence: It consists of the genuinely unique values the company has and integrating them into our company culture early on.

f) Brand Differentiation: it involves defining the Company's unique selling proposition and positioning in a way that stands out from the competition and is difficult to replicate. It's about conveying the special features of the brand through messages.

Branding Work

Brand identity creates a visual bond between businesses and the people connected. Coca-Cola, which started way back in 1886, has updated its brand identity over the years while retaining the main aspects it had started with136 years ago. It is the origin of the most widely used depiction of Santa Claus. The brand's signature bright red and white colours are instantly recognisable and are widely known for their event-themed packaging design and holiday advertisement campaigns.